Quotes of the Day Widget Installation and Update

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Over the past few weeks, I've received a bunch of questions on using the Quote of the Day widget so I had been planning to put together a quick walk through screencast to show you how to use since I really didn't cover usage very thoroughly in my earlier post.

QuotesInstall Since I was working on a new theme earlier this week, it seemed like the right time to do this, but I also find a minor bug with the control when previewing themes so I made a small change to correct this.  It was a minor fix, but if you are starting fresh or feel like upgrading, I'll include the updated control at the end of this post.

The screencast walks you through adding the widget from download to theme update.  I don't cover making changes to your CSS to make it look the way you want in your theme, but I've tried in in 4 themes already and haven't needed to do anything special to make the widget look right.  I'll include the register and usage line below so you can see them more clearly and don't have to copy notes while watching the screencast.

<%@ Register src="QuoteOfTheDay.ascx" TagName="quote" TagPrefix="uc2" %>

<uc2:quote ID="QotD" runat="server" />

Again, this widget works fine in 1.2 and 1.3.  I'll make an updated version when 1.4 gets closer.  You can download the QuotesWidget 1.0.1 here.


Commented on 3/4/2008 2:37:33 AM
So here I am installing it in Blogengine.  and I was thinking, I HATE the page refresh every time I do a task with the quotes.  Can you put it behind a update panel?

I have tried to do this but every time I delete one of the quotes or try to, It says input string is not in the correct format.  I would try to fix it but I don't have the debugger on my side.

Help and upgrade please.
Commented on 3/4/2008 6:41:53 AM

The update panel would require AJAX extensions and that is not something BlogEngine.NET is currently using (and requiring of others to have installed.)  

I could ajaxify it with some javascript, but since I'll be upgrading it when 1.4 comes out later this spring I'll likely leave it as it is for now.  Maybe I'll add AJAX updating in the widget version.  

Thanks for the suggestion.
Commented on 3/6/2008 4:08:00 AM

I went ahead and did the update panel upgrade to it.  If you want the upgrade, I can email it to you. Just say the word.  Also, you might want to check the CS code to this project.

The Delete button didn't work and I think you got your hidden fields mixed up.  I had to change line 275 in the project.  here is my code I replaced it with:

      int id = int.Parse(HfQuoteID.Value);///correction to the code it was HfEditID.Value
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