BlogEngine.NET 1.5 Release Candidate available

-   Apr 05, 2009 -   BlogEngine.NET -   ,

benlogo80 This evening, the BlogEngine team made the release candidate available for BlogEngine.NET 1.5.  This release was a long time in process and we felt is was best to make a release candidate available first.

I’m personally very excited about 1.5.  The highlights include:

  1. Improved Live Writer Support (including the new Tagging feature).
  2. TinyMCE update
  3. Ready for Mono 2.4.
  4. Nested Comments are now available.
  5. Better database support out of the box.
  6. and, of course, lots of bug fixes, performance improvements, and other updates to make your blog experience better.

Please download it and give it a spin.


Commented on 4/6/2009 11:11:51 PM
Hi, Al Wink

I'm very happy for this new release. But, only a question: it's present a "comments manager" (like that I have released in past) now ?
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