RazorAnt Software acquires ProfitTrain

-   Feb 19, 2013 -   Business

Really excited about this.  Read all about the ProfitTrain acquisition on RazorAnt blog.

 RazorPDF Samples

-   Nov 02, 2012 -   Development -  

I worked up some more advanced RazorPDF samples to help you get started with using RazorPDF in your MVC projects. First, I went ahead and made an very simple HTML report and ran it through the PdfResult to output it as a PDF.  It is nice way to make a PDF without iText XML.  You can use this to easily take any view and allow the user to display it as a PDF.  I think you can format your PDFs better with iText XML, but this works well in a lot of situations... [More]

 Talking MonoTouch at Philly Code Camp

-   Nov 01, 2012 -   Development -   ,

I’ll be back at Philly Code Camp on November 17th to do a session on MonoTouch.  The session is called, “Building iOS apps with C# and MonoTouch”.  We’ll be building out a simple Code Camp app with the schedule.  This is a fast paced hour going from File/New to working app, but it will show you how you can leverage your .NET skills to make amazing apps for the iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices. The app we will be building is available in the App Store.&... [More]

 RazorPDF updates and source code

-   Oct 26, 2012 -   Development -  

There has been a lot of interest in RazorPDF since I published it earlier this month.  The most common question has been about the source code, which I’m happy to announce is finally available on GitHub. I’ll try to get more details on syntax and more advanced usage posted soon as well.  In the meantime, I’ve set up a RazorPDF project page were I’ll keep everything you might need to know. Source Code Samples Links to iText Markup samples Posts on ... [More]

 Introducing RazorPDF

-   Oct 15, 2012 -   Development -  

Like many developers, I’ve been working with the Razor View Engine for a while.  Prior to MVC 3 and Razor, I was using Spark as my default view engine and I was pretty happy with it.  Being a long time Spark user, I sometimes find myself wishing I was using Spark for certain things.  The Spark feature I’ve easily missed the most however was the slick way you could uses Spark to mark up iText XML and in turn generate PDFs. I finally got around to spending ... [More]